Retail Merchandising Ideas That Every Beauty Salon Needs To Follow

Beauty-Salon_Banner.jpgRetail is one of the key aspects of any good beauty salon, but effective retailing is often seen as a challenge by many therapists since it falls in the realm outside of their comfort zone. There are still many pros who tend to overlook the positive impact that a well planned retail space can have on the revenue of their beauty salons.

Given below are some excellent and proven ideas that can be used to ensure retail merchandising in any beauty salon:

A Dedicated Space For The Purpose

Since retail is the foremost place that clients set their eyes right after entering a beauty salon, it would be absurd not to keep that particular space well organised. First of all, it is important to make sure that no product has been placed behind the desk. The waiting area should be furnished effectively to enhance visual appeal. The furniture items must be comfortable, but not cozy, so that clients feel like getting up after sometime and browsing the products on display.

Proper Display Shelving

It is better to refrain from using conventional display storage options such as cupboards and bookcases. Rather, one should go for aesthetically pleasing shelves and effectively designed acrylic cosmetic displays. And instead of keeping the products locked away behind glass doors, it would be prudent to leave them unlocked and hire an attendant to keep an eye on the makeup items at all times.

Comfortable Lighting

The right kind of spot lighting in any retail shelving can definitely work wonders for a business. All sources of light over the product shelves should point downwards to highlight the items on display.

Focus Table

The focus table of a beauty salon is generally an exquisitely curated table kept in somewhat the centre of the space. It displays seasonal or promotional offers, gift sets, bestsellers and so on. The table must be above the average waist height and stay in direct sight of clients who are entering & leaving the place.

No Clutter

Clutter is something that should be non-existent when it comes to merchandising the right way in the retail space of a beauty salon. Nothing except makeup products should be on the shelves.

Thus, if you own a beauty salon in Sydney, then follow the above mentioned tips to effectively merchandise your retail space and give a boost to your cosmetics sales.


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