Where & How To Keep Acrylic Cosmetic Displays?

where-how-to-keep-acrylic-cosmetic-displaysAre you planning to invest in acrylic cosmetic displays for your makeup accessories store? That’s great, because displays made of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) are great for exhibiting anything, be it sports goods, apparel or cosmetics. However, once you have bought them, you will need to effectively position them within your shop for attracting more customers, improving your brand recognition and giving an overall boost to your sales.

Where To Place Them?
Where & How To Keep Acrylic Cosmetic Displays?.jpg

Near The Walls
Placing acrylic cosmetic displays on wall shelves is one of the most popular techniques adopted by product distributors and retailers. When you are purchasing the shelves, make sure that the displays you have would ideally fit in their tiers.

Shop Front Window
Shop front window is another ideal place for keeping acrylic solutions. The displays will need to be creative and also match with the type & brand of cosmetics, so that passers by can figure out what you have kept on display.

This is perhaps the best spot to put cosmetic products on exhibition in Perspex or Plexiglass displays. Your products would come into view of visitors as soon as they enter the store. You can use completely transparent PMMA drawers or boxes, embellished with the brand emblem or something similar.

If there is enough floor space available within your store, you can utilise that space with freestanding acrylic displays, which can have a mirror each so that customers can immediately view themselves in it after trying on a makeup.

Lighting is one of the most important factors in any makeup store. The products on sale should be illuminated properly so that customers don’t have a hard time looking for what they need. It would also impart an attractive appeal to your displays.

Adverts On Display
Having advert inserts on acrylic cosmetic displays is something that would rely entirely upon you. You can either use them for letting customers know about deals and discounts, or simply steer clear of them, choice is yours.

Rotating Stands
Cosmetic displays placed on rotating stands are quite popular. It provides extra space for mounting products and also makes it easier for a customer to just rotate the whole thing & check out the products.

Thus, if you buy acrylic cosmetic displays, make sure you take into consideration the above mentioned tips carefully for effectively exhibiting your makeup products.


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